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The Persistence Factor

Jun 1, 2018

On this episode of The Persistence Factor, Troy interviews ABC’s Extreme Weight Loss Transformation Specialist, Heidi Powell. Heidi shares her story about her battle with eating disorders and how she was able to overcome it. Also, stay tuned to hear her advice to people that are about to give up on their fitness journey.

“Any journey is doable, it's going to take time and consistency .”

-Heidi Powell


2:40 A typical day in the life of Heidi Powell

10:22 Heidi’s battle with eating disorders

12:35 Eating disorders in gymnastics and dance

16:39 Heidi’s lowest moments

17:40 How becoming a mom helped Heidi overcome

27:33 How Heidi defines persistence

32:50 Heidi’s ability to call people out and why it's important

39:40 Heidi's advice to people that are about to throw in the towel

46:14 What Heidi is currently working on


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